Man, we read all about people’s success stories, and the journey they took to get to where they are today. A good friend once told me, worry not about what everyone is doing, how far they have come – but run your OWN race. Just keep going and keep working at it, your time will come. That friend was Sebastian Maniscalco in his new book. I write this as I have taken one of the biggest leaps in my life.

We moved into a house in LA and (long story short, I will write a more in-depth blog about it and link it here later on) converted it into our dream home. We build a stage, a studio space, a bistro, 2 bars – Essentially created the business we always wanted to have. Where we all shine. About 12 months back, I started taking less and less shifts at the job I held. If we had any chance of building the space like we imagined, I knew I had to dedicate the time and effort to it. 4 months back, it was completed, and we were getting quite a bit of success in renting it out through AirBnb, Peerspace, and other platforms.

I decided to go for it and jump into my musical career fully with Creatopia (For those of you that don’t know Creatopia ~ @Creatopia) providing the fuel and resources for this beginning. So I DID. It’s been one HELL of a journey, with so many Ups and Downs… It really forced me to face myself dive deep into who I am as well as DO the things I’ve always said I wanted to do, yet always got put on the background since there were other things that would take my time. EVERY DAY has been and is a journey. Some days I am full of excitement and ROCKin it, others are an incredible Uphill Battle. TRUST THE PROCESS and don’t give up 5 minutes before a miracle comes.

Words have Massive Power

The whole journey through the inception of an idea to the manifestation of a dream come true from our imagination. As we hold the idea firmly within our mind and allow it to grow through the water (Emotion) we put into the seed of the idea, the seed starts to blossom and the very thing we ask for somehow gets brought to us. The Movie “The Secret” simplifies this idea, yet it goes much more in depth. According to quantum physics, everything is interconnected and we live in a universe of energy. The things we think of as solid matter, are mostly empty space. This movie here gives a GREAT intro to quantum physics as well as how are constantly creating through our habitual emotions and thoughts. See the thing is, it’s we may want something really badly on a surface level.. That big house, the nice car, the lover; but we may have grown up in a family that taught us money was the root of all evil, or been exposed to toxic relationships from a very young age. << That is deeeeply rooted inside of our subconscious.

In Polynesian culture, this is known as our hidden selves, the part of ourselves that we aren’t fully aware of – but that essentially is the program we run our lives in. When we go deep and start to uncover these layers of ourselves, we begin to have access to these programs and have an opportunity to write our own programs. IT’s time to change that SCRIPT and start WRITING MY OWN. We are the writers, directors, and leading character of our own story. Let’s choose to take responsibility for our story. And most importantly, HAVE FAITH

What lies on the other side of fear, are the things we’ve always dreamed of <3

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