Dreams to Reality

It’s time NOW. To start. (Yes I FEEL the EXCITEMENT of THIS MOMENT, the CONNECTION of the musicians around me, and the ENERGY of the people we PLAY for) Allow manifestation to flourish while doing whatever it takes to bring this Dream to LIFE. I AM playing beautiful music everywhere for you guys, singing my heart out, creating authentic human connections, sharing our gifts, and collaborating with incredible musicians and artists. The love we are receiving from you guys is SO INCREDIBLE!!! I’m FEEL the great things that are already HERE. I don’t know when, how, or where they come from but I can feel them within me getting closer and CLOSER.

Building this website has been a HUGE LEAP that took a lot of sweat and tears, as I battled with my inner demons of not being good enough. EFT has helped tremendously in this process. EFT is an Emotional Freedom Technique that allows us to go deep into these energy and emotional blockages (most of which we picked up and made agreements when we were very little and that cloud our highest being now) and FULLY FEEL those emotions while allowing them to be released. When we ask to be healed and use the power of our intention, these things, one by one that are within us come to the surface as they are ready, to be transmuted into love (the core of who we are). In essence it’s like a part of us got lost in time. That 7 year old self is still stuck in the past living and reliving those emotions because we were never taught how to release them. These emotions get lodged in our bodies and may manifest themselves in the form of pain, chronic illnesses, disease, and all sorts of ailments. When we go deep and do this work, we begin to integrate those parts of ourselves that were lost long ago. We also get in touch again with all of the beauty that is within those parts, the creativity, friendship, ideas, and feeling whole again.

So to my young self within me right now, I’m so grateful to be your friend and understand you. Let’s create a beautiful life together in harmony, excitement, joy, and abundance. In the dark and sad times, I’ll be by your side, supporting you, and giving you the utmost support. Love you Cello <3


Learning from the past is key. Yet living in the past is suicide. All of the what ifs I had… and mistakes I’ve made, are a part of me. A good friend once told me there is lesson within every blessing (it sounds much better said out loud lol). Every mistake, every short-coming, and failure brings with it the SEED of OPPORTUNITY when we learn what we did wrong and apply it – there is no such thing as failure. It becomes a life long journey.

So here I am, with all my imperfections, perfectly imperfect, launching this mission to heal humanity through Music and Art. I’m here, for you, for me, and for this beautiful Earth and Universe we live in. I love you, and all parts of you that make you uniquely. Here to share my story, my mind and heart, from the depths of my being as real and as honest as I can be. Thank you for sharing this road with me ❤

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