Internal Guidance

Listen to your heart bro

Breathe into it


Into the sun

Think about the situation and feel what it feels like in that space….

Then think of a person that you love SOOO much.. Bring bring them close to you in your mind’s eye..  Feel the growing LOVE feeling you have toward that person.  Pull it into your heart.

Think of a time when you were so happy in your life.  A moment where everything was perfect.  Who was there?  Where were you?  What were your thoughts like?  How were you breathing?  Take that moment and pull it into your heart.

Now an experience where you were fully excited.  Joy overflowed from you, and everything was working out in your favor.  Life was perfect.  Really find it…  And feel it, fully.  Enjoy it..  savor that moment and feel what it feels like.


Now bring the awareness into your heart.  And ask it once more.

Your heart knows

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